We are looking for a Project Administrator to join the Colda Team. You will have excellent computer skills, expertise in Microsoft programs and a can do attitude. We will provide full training in our project management software so you can assist the Projects Team to manage construction works by creating tenders, uploading quotations and safety and other documentation. Full time or part time and great pay. Send your resume to manager@coldaconstructions.com.au today and start a new job before Christmas!


Happy New Year to our team, clients and subcontractors – 2021 was a challenging year but we were able to continue to provide our services to the Canberra community, completing a record number of projects. We are hitting the ground running in 2022 with many projects at ACT Government schools as we collaborate with the Department of Education and ACT Property Group.

Perhaps 2022 means a new business venture?

Or an upgrade to your office, medical premises, or retail premises?

Now is the perfect chance to start things a new and Colda Constructions are the building partner you need to get your project sorted so you too can hit the ground running in the year of the tiger!

Our entire team are back on board from 10 January – why not get in touch to discuss your project? Take a look at our Projects page for some inspiration from projects completed last year.

May 2022 bring all the happiness, joy and adventure you are hoping for.


Are you a Junior Project Manager or about to finish your qualification?

Colda Constructions are looking for someone to join our team full time in an office-based role. This is an excellent opportunity to get your foot in the door and join a great team. Your role will include:

Assisting with safety and compliance of our projects

Programming projects

Estimating and tendering and

Office Administration.

Onsite experience is desirable but not essential.

Send one paragraph with your experience against the list of roles and your resume to hello@coldaconstructions.com.au to apply.

Ergonomics & Today’s Flexible Workplace

Ergonomics is about designing a work environment that optimises human well-being and overall performance. Many Australian workplaces today, have seen the benefits of applying ergonomic principles to reduce health risks and improve productivity.

The nature of work is constantly changing. It comes as no surprise that ergonomic design in our workspaces has to be responsive. Spaces are becoming more flexible and multi-purpose. In this article we will look at three design trends responding to changing work needs and the value of collective workspaces.

Flexible InteriorsFlexible Interiors

The increasing need for multi-purpose workspaces means adaptability is a core part of the interior design brief. Internal movable partitions and wall systems are becoming more popular as they can transform the flow and capacity of a work area quickly. Open spaces can allow small groups to meet up easily without formality. At the same time, we have seen how ‘focused work’ is encouraging a return to private work sections. Adjustable wall systems may be the way to go in your next office fit-out.

Integrated Technology & Automation

Ergonomic furniture such as adjustable desks, chairs and benches are standard in today’s offices, as the benefits of ergonomic design in the physical environment have clearly been demonstrated. However, ergonomic principles also apply to the ‘systems and processes’ of how we work to promote optimal health & performance. Automation and integrated technology in office equipment can help employees maintain good practices by automating specifics such as desk or chair height. This ensures that equipment can easily be adjusted to the requirements of the individual, especially when working in shared desk spaces or across multiple offices.

Integrated Technology & AutomationIntegrated Technology & Automation

Ergonomic furniture such as adjustable desks, chairs and benches are standard in today’s offices, as the benefits of ergonomic design in the physical environment have clearly been demonstrated. However, ergonomic principles also apply to the ‘systems and processes’ of how we work to promote optimal health & performance. Automation and integrated technology in office equipment can help employees maintain good practices by automating specifics such as desk or chair height. This ensures that equipment can easily be adjusted to the requirements of the individual, especially when working in shared desk spaces or across multiple offices.

Employee Storage

Employee StorageOffice storage solutions don’t need to be drab or limited to the basement. Increasingly, our corporate clients have included employee storage facilities as part of their design briefs. Personal locker systems and modern storage areas gives employees a permanent personal space that promotes connection particularly if they are working within a shared desk space. Studies have shown these kinds of benefits and facilities boost employee engagement and better health outcomes, as it can encourage employees to exercise on breaks or ride to work because they have secure storage for additional clothing or equipment.

Using ergonomic principles and intentional design to address changing work needs has clear benefits. The modern office today is all about variety, and spaces that are adaptable and responsive are here to stay.

Colda Constructions is a Canberra based project management company specialising in commercial fit outs. To learn more about our services and past projects visit: www.colda constructions.com.au


Your reception area is an important and effective way to convey your brand and create a positive client experience. Ambiance is just as important as function when creating an inviting space. Several studies confirm how reliant we are on visual and sensory clues. From the point a client walks into your workplace, they are gathering information. On average it only takes 7 seconds for a person to form an impression. We have outlined 5 keys to designing a standout reception area making first impressions count.

User experience

A comfortable chair may seem like a minor detail, but don’t underestimate how these details all influence the client experience. This also includes the flow or way clients would navigate their way through the space, from reception to consulting room for example. By taking some time to walk through a user experience and documenting your findings you will save time and have a better scope from the start of your fit out project.

Great designers know that lighting can be used in various ways to influence and control the mood or feel within a room. Unlike task lighting required in specific work areas, you have some room for creativity in the reception area. Colour temperature, accent lighting and diffused lighting are just some things you may consider using to create a warm and calm place to wait in!

A lot of research has been done on the impact different colours have on our mood. In general, muted neutrals, greens, blues and pastel gelato palettes are known for evoking a calm and positive mood. Having a clear colour palette and featured focal point, like wall art or accents with texture, you can create an interesting space.Texture
Even on a tight budget, invest in some quality accent materials in the reception area.  Counters or desks are a  great way to make a modern quality statement. Wood and stone is always on trend and examples of materials that can be used to add more character. Bringing natural materials indoors creates an organic environment and less of a stale, cookie cutter office look.

Today more than ever, clients expect a clean and safe environment. Working with your project managers to ensure materials being used can be properly surface cleaned regularly is important. While this is the standard in medical or cliental settings, more corporate office spaces are looking for stylish but practical options to always ensure client safety and confidence. 

If you have any topic ideas to share or would like to learn more about fit outs or Colda Constructions, feel free to drop us an email!


This has been the year we’ll never forget. From starting the year working through so much change, we are very happy to have completed some amazing projects and more to come in 2021.

We’d like to thank our clients and suppliers for their support and for sharing our commitment to delivering quality projects in Canberra.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas break & Happy New Year! See  you all again when the Colda Team is back on board in January!


office fitout

Our completely refurbished office is now a fresh and functional work and meeting place. It is completely unrecognisable from the previous space as a bustling workshop. 

The open plan design maximises the versatility of the space. Featuring a glass walled boardroom, eight spacious workstations, break out space, kitchen and bathroom facilities. Our office includes the latest must haves in modern office design such as ducted reverse cycle air conditioning, smart lighting and an integrated sound system for some mood boosting tunes , if we can decide on what to play!

Bespoke timber screening designed by Captivate Interiors and crafted by Dominic Loader at Loader Contractors, is the perfect feature to compliment the black, white and touch of Colda ‘red’ colour palette.

As specialists in commercial office fit outs, the Colda team were excited about the new office project they completed in just 6 weeks. Now we are putting the finishing touches in place, plants, prints and kitchen supplies.

Do you know any local artists?

Our new office has blank walls in need of some original artwork. If you know an artist, please get in touch as we love to support local businesses like ours. 

The office fitout was part of our celebrations to mark Colda Constructions 10 years in business. we look forward to enjoying the new work space for the years to come.


The Easter holidays are going to look very different this year, there’ll be no trips down the coast or a big Sunday luncheon but here’s a list of 10 things you can do this Easter despite our new normal. Enjoy the break and stay safe.

  1. Pitch a tent and camp in your backyard
  2. Easter egg hunt with a twist – get the kids to hide them again for the parents to find
  3. Plant some carrots in the garden, April is the perfect time in Canberra
  4. Watch an Easter movie with the kids, Hop or Rise of the Guardians perhaps?
  5. Jump on the bandwagon and adopt a pet, a bunny maybe
  6. Build a hutch for said bunny
  7. Join in the 2020 Cadbury Live Egg Hunt! https://www.facebook.com/CadburyDairyMilkAustralia
  8. Bake bread, traditional braided Polish bread, here’s the recipe https://www.thespruceeats.com/how-to-braid-egg-twist-breads-1137258
  9. Watch an Easter church service online
  10. Clean out the garage, you never know what you might find in there

Colda is celebrating 10 years in business in 2020, many of our celebration plans have been put on hold but we’re so proud to be marking this milestone in small ways. We’re operational during these uncertain times and are experts in commercial fitouts. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss your next project for an obligation free quote.


The Colda team are working together with our clients to remain operating in these trying times. We maintain our commitment to delivering a quality service whilst keeping everyone’s health at the forefront of our minds.

We are practicing physical distancing and extra hygiene measures and continue to follow Government advice.

We hope you are managing to stay healthy and well-balanced whether you are working from home, home schooling or impossibly trying to do both! Take care of yourself and each other.



Office in construction

As Colda Constructions approaches our 10-year anniversary we look to mark the occasion with a new office fitout of our own!

We have outgrown the old space and the new design includes a boardroom, open plan workspace, kitchenette and break out area. We are excited about the opportunities the office fitout will bring us.

– A new boardroom will enable us to host clients and hold our team meetings
– The combined open plan workspace will allow enough room for our growing team, assist in collaboration across projects and help to create efficiencies in our work
– The kitchenette together with a breakout area will provide a nice space for our hardworking staff to have some downtime
– The redesign allows for storage of our supplies and vehicles to be separate to our office environment

The old office has been demolished, the new wall sheeting is up and ceiling tiles are coming soon. We are currently finalising material selection, colours and furniture.

At Colda, we thoroughly enjoy doing what we do every day – and it is fun to turn our eye to our own office and experience the benefits of what our work can bring.

We are looking forward to a more modern, functional and collaborative space.

Stay tuned for the next update and pictures of the final product!

Looking to fitout your own office space? We’re experts you can trust. Get in touch today for a free quote.