Your reception area is an important and effective way to convey your brand and create a positive client experience. Ambiance is just as important as function when creating an inviting space. Several studies confirm how reliant we are on visual and sensory clues. From the point a client walks into your workplace, they are gathering information. On average it only takes 7 seconds for a person to form an impression. We have outlined 5 keys to designing a standout reception area making first impressions count.

User experience

A comfortable chair may seem like a minor detail, but don’t underestimate how these details all influence the client experience. This also includes the flow or way clients would navigate their way through the space, from reception to consulting room for example. By taking some time to walk through a user experience and documenting your findings you will save time and have a better scope from the start of your fit out project.

Great designers know that lighting can be used in various ways to influence and control the mood or feel within a room. Unlike task lighting required in specific work areas, you have some room for creativity in the reception area. Colour temperature, accent lighting and diffused lighting are just some things you may consider using to create a warm and calm place to wait in!

A lot of research has been done on the impact different colours have on our mood. In general, muted neutrals, greens, blues and pastel gelato palettes are known for evoking a calm and positive mood. Having a clear colour palette and featured focal point, like wall art or accents with texture, you can create an interesting space.Texture
Even on a tight budget, invest in some quality accent materials in the reception area.  Counters or desks are a  great way to make a modern quality statement. Wood and stone is always on trend and examples of materials that can be used to add more character. Bringing natural materials indoors creates an organic environment and less of a stale, cookie cutter office look.

Today more than ever, clients expect a clean and safe environment. Working with your project managers to ensure materials being used can be properly surface cleaned regularly is important. While this is the standard in medical or cliental settings, more corporate office spaces are looking for stylish but practical options to always ensure client safety and confidence. 

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