Medical Fitouts Canberra FAQs

Q. How do I begin my medical fitout?

A. You will need a design for your medical fitout. An architect, draftsmen, or interior designer can help you including a space plan of the property, fixtures, and finishes. We can then use the plan to provide you with an accurate quote and timeframe.

Q. How much does a medical fitout cost?

A. You should budget for between $1500-$2,500 per sqm. For example, a 100sqm medical fitout would cost approximately $200,000. Of course, your costs will depend on the size of your space, your design, and the inclusions you require.

Q. What is included in a medical fitout?

A. Everything, except medical equipment, including:

  • flooring;
  • cabinetry;
  • electrical;
  • lighting;
  • plumbing;
  • painting;
  • air conditioning;
  • signage;
  • and certification.

Q. Do you have a minimum project value?

A. No, we don’t have a minimum project value for medical fitouts. We’d be happy to discuss any medical fitout requirement you have including small jobs or renovating or retrofitting your current space.

Q. What are Colda Constructions’ normal payment terms?

A. We will provide you with a fully comprehensive quote for your medical fitout. Once the quote is accepted and agreed, a 50% deposit is required for us to begin your project. The 50% balance is due on completion.

We also understand the challenges with running a business and we are happy to discuss and agree alternate payment terms if required.

Q. How long will my medical fitout take?

A. Your medical fitout will be completed in 4-8 weeks. We know you want to start using your space as soon as possible, so we work quickly and manage the project well to ensure that there are no unnecessary delays.

Q. Does Colda Constructions guarantee your completion date?

A. Yes, we work with you on an agreed timeframe, including a completion date for your medical fitout, which, unless changes or additions are made to the scope of the work, we guarantee to meet.

Q. Does Colda Constructions have experience with medical fitouts?

A. Yes, we have completed more than a dozen medical fitouts including general practices, surgeries, specialist rooms, and medical centres. Go to our Projects page and click Medical Fitouts to see our work.

Q. Can you look at my own plans and ideas that I have for my medical fitout?

A. Yes, we would love to see and hear about the vision that you have for your medical fitout and discuss how we can bring it to life for you.

Q. Does Colda Constructions provide plans for medical fitouts?

A. Yes, we provide design services for medical fitouts using our trusted network of interior designers at no additional cost to you i.e. we do not add an unnecessary margin or ‘builders fee’.

We like this approach because our trusted network of interior designers come with great working relationships already in place and that means they become part of the team that will help deliver your amazing medical fitout on time.

Q. Can you meet with me after hours to discuss my medical fitout?

A. Yes, we know you are busy and would be happy to meet you after hours either at our office, on site, or somewhere else you prefer.

Q. Can you help with any legal and government permits and regulations for my medical fitout?

A. Yes, that is all part of the service. Cold Constructions will arrange for a certifier, inspections, government fees, and levies, all included in the price of your medical fitout.

Q. Do you use the same tradespeople on every medical fitout?

A. Yes, we use the same network of tradespeople for every medical fitout. We do, however, have multiple tradespeople, for each trade, in our network. This allows us to ensure availability and avoid delays to the completion of your medical fitout.

We have excellent relationships with our extensive network of tradespeople and because we are loyal to them, and provide repeat business, they are extremely responsive and provide quality work. That means we can all deliver you an amazing medical fitout and do it on time.

Do you have a specific question? No, problem. Get in touch and we’d be happy to answer it for you with no obligation.

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Medical fitouts Canberra FAQ